(aggregated from multiple people) "imaginative, sentimental, observant, passionate, protective, introspective, principled, inquisitive, devoted"

"you hold your friends very closely and i find this quality endearing."
"youre like clove because you both like to crack things open like a walnut and look at the worms and bugs on the inside.
youre also very funny."
upon being asked "how would you describe me?"

I'm the person behind the curtain, so to speak. I generally consider myself a bit of a shy nerd with a voracious appetite to learn about, and tinker with, anything that interests me.

Aside from "massive dork", "autist" and "really good at knowing things about like 5 specific videogames", I suppose I fall under the artist umbrella. I write, draw, and would eventually like to pursue music. All as a hobby, of course.

Though I believe I can be cynical about some things (mostly stuff I care real hard about, and am therefore more inclined to be inflamed about), I've held a certain joie-de-vivre and acceptance mentality toward most things for a few years now. This is, partially, due to meeting a real nice girl named Jazz (they made the art up top there!), and making some of the tightest friends I'd come to know just a few years later.

Overall, I'm kind of a huge nutter about personal freedoms and self-improvement. I think everyone can do their best if they try and I think everyone deserves the tools to do better. As a result, I kind of have a really bitter distaste for the current state of the internet and the way people are so eager to tear eachother apart. No callout posts or hangups about weird art and hobbies here, as long as you're not actively directly hurting real people.

I'm an adult, queer, and if you must know, I was born not only one month too early but I also came out with some weird issues that made doctors not really able to tell if I was a chick or a dude. I ended up choosing to be both. (And I'm into both, too! What's better than this?)*
I also hold some beliefs the average person may find odd, particularly about draconity and otherkinity.

As you may be able to tell by my site layout, I'm a pretty big fan of the Persona series, and you'll probably hear me talking about it quite a bunch here. Other things I'm interested in and that may make their own appearance on Mafreila are.. actually, here, I'll just do the most popular thing about profiles and make a list about me.

born :: april 30
favorite music :: vgm*, the hush sound, kate bush, bjork, jonna lee/iamamiwhoami, linkin park, system of a down, touché amore, the pillows, talking heads, ddr tracks
favorite animanga :: flcl(fooly cooly/furikuri), ouran high school host club, shiawase sou no okojo-san, chi's sweet home/new address, yu-gi-oh!*
favorite games :: persona, ace attorney, the binding of isaac, life is strange, portal, dramatical murder, shin megami tensei III: nocturne, final fantasy XII, impressive title, mabinogi, bayonetta, animal crossing
favorite movies :: the belko experiment, slumber party massacre II, the thing, alien, the little prince, coraline
i love :: yaoi/yuri, internet history*, furries, anime, videogames, hanging out with my friends and my girlfriend, good food, smexy bishies, hot chicks, stoats and weasels, gardening, making art, equestrianism
i hate :: cold or dreary weather, modern puritanism, sour drinks, stagnancy, trend-based aesthetic communities, itchy clothing, apples