The Stoat with a Blog

I've never been good at telling anecdotes about myself.
I suppose this is my way of making myself do so.

Site updates, personal life, et cetera. are all going to be dumped in here.

This page is designed to be as minimal as possible;
as to force myself to focus on what I'm saying, not how it looks!

03.03.2024 - updates and such

I'm probably not setting the best example for myself by neglecting my site so much. It's not like I meant to, though. I have plenty of ideas for what I want to do with it; mostly little tidbits, but I find them worth sharing nevertheless.

2024 has been.. hectic. In January I had to almost immediately move to a new place (because in my old house I was stuck in an unbelievably dusty attic with no door and walls that were very much the opposite of soundproof; and I think I got black mold poisoning during my stay there. Oops!), and then in February I had a little legal scare (I'm fine, and very much not in trouble) and then lost a friend (not to death, but to a falling out that has left me feeling confused and grief-stricken), and... It's goddamn March already.

Fucking incredible.

Between trying to manage a social media presence & working on commissions (because my job right now is 'Freelance Artist, Allegedly'), financial issues, indulging in little delights such as replaying Persona 4 Golden, and keeping up with my friends.. I haven't had a lot of energy or time to focus on mafreila., which upsets me a great deal. I want to expand my Persona 2 shrine, and make a few silly art-esque pages.

I hope everyone has been doing well. Despite everything, I don't feel too disheartened. I've been learning to love myself (..or, rather, not think of myself as a walking offense, and instead as a person who, if you can believe it, is described by most of my friends as 'kind' and 'sweet'. WHAT! PINCH ME IF I'M DREAMING) and getting back into drawing. I still love the things I love, and-- that reminds me, I'm fucking STOKED for the SMTV port we're getting soon; as well as apparent rumors of a Persona 2 remake a la Reload. I'm getting a new PC soon, since my poor little laptop is kicking the bucket, and I really hope I can not only work better on it but play better, too.

Oh! I also watched Neon Genesis Evangelion (the TV show, and the End of Evangelion) with the gf, and proceeded to promptly fall in love with it (and seeing a little bit too much of myself in Asuka). Expect to hear me talk about it soon.
My favorite angel is Gaghiel. I don't care about Kaworu. I hope the manga will fix this.

Despite everything, it's still me.